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CS Fair 2014 CS Fair 2014 CS Fair 2014 CS Fair 2014

What is the CS Fair?

The CS Fair is a UVM event where Computer Science students (majors, minors or just taking a class) may submit and showcase their computer projects. The purpose of the CS Fair is to give students a chance to present their work to their peers and professionals in an open and exciting environment. A panel of judges critique the student work where the prize amounts are up to $1000 with many opportunities to win. This year the CS Fair will take place in the Davis Center in the Grand Maple Ballroom.


Go to this year's CS Fair
Davis Center, Grand Maple Ballroom, University of Vermont


  1. All Participants must have been enrolled in a Computer Science course at UVM or be an active CS Major or Minor during the 2014 calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 3).
  2. Projects
    • Group or individual projects are allowed.
    • All course Projects are acceptable.
    • Non-course Projects will be evaluated for eligibility by our staff.
    • To enter a second project see: Robert Erickson 331 Votey
  3. All entries must be present at their booth. We will provide space on a table, but you need to provide a laptop or other display.
  4. All entries may be picked for a larger group presentation.
  5. You are eligible to win only one competitive prize, you may forfeit a lower prize.
  6. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited after one week after the fair.
  7. All entries allow us to use photos for promotional material.
  8. All entries must be received by November 7th in order to receive a t-shirt.
  9. Prizes may be in the form of UVM check or gift card.
  10. UVM monetary prize policy and scholarship policy.

Prizes & Judging

Overall Winners

1st, 2nd, 3rd will be chosen based on a combination of the total number of student, staff, and faculty votes and a panel of judges. The judges will look at the total votes the project has received then compare that with their own findings to pick the winners.

Best In Class

Prizes are picked by a panel of judges for each category. Judges will vote for a first prize in their assigned category. The judges will pick the winners for this category. Student projects will be interspersed throughout the room but will be given a color code so a judge can easily identify which project to judge. There will be three different rounds of judging each hour for best in class but only one winner per class.

Random Hourly

Prizes are picked each hour via a random number generator. A winner will be selected for each hour, you must be present to claim your prize.