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CS Fair 2014

Consider sponsoring our CS Fair this year.

Without the help and support of our gracious sponsors, the CS Fair could not be possible. Thank you for showing your support towards our student community. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Fill out our form to get started.


  1. Google Inc
  2. University of Vermont Computer Science Department
  3. HBO


  1. UTC Aerospace Systems
  2. State Street Corporation
  3. IEEE


  1. MyWebGrocer
  2. C2 - Competitive Computing
  3. Dealer.com
  4. Logic Supply
  5. Galen Healthcare Solutions
  6. Mach7 Tecnologies


  1. Manufacturing Information Systems Inc.
  2. Loud Canvas Media
  3. Burlington Bytes
  4. Xemory Software
  5. Brandthropology
  6. UVM Career Center
  7. Vermont Rapid Prototyping
  8. Bottomline Technologies
  9. Vermont Technology Alliance
  10. Renewable NRG Systems