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UVM | December 7, 2018 | 1:10 PM to 4:20 PM CS Fair

A Showcase of Student Projects


We would like to thank all of our judges who have donated their time and expertise to be with us at the 2018 CS Fair. Your help is greatly appreciated. Would you like to be a judge at this event? Become a sponsor by filling out our sponsorship form to get started (its a lot of fun).

Read what one judge had to say about the experience: Isaiah Keepin

How Judging Will Work

Judging Teams

This year each judge will be assigned to a team to judge a particular category. Each team of judges will be expected to look at all the projects for the category they have been assigned to picking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners for their category. Judging teams will be assigned at the judge's orientation on the day of the fair.

Random Hourly

Prizes are picked each hour via a PHP page that uses MySQL ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1. A winner will be selected for each hour block which includes 1:10 pm to 2:00 pm, 2:20 pm to 3:10 pm, 3:30 pm to 4:20 pm. You must be present to claim your prize.
  • Nate Almgren

    Lead Software Developer from OpenTempo

  • Rachel Bayersdorfer

    Software Engineer I from Dealer.com

    I graduated from UVM in May 2018 with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. I am currently a software engineer at Dealer.com.

  • Dillon Beliveau

    Software Engineer from Dealer.com

  • Matthew Bliss

    Software Engineer Manager from IBM

    Matt manages an information technology department at IBM with 14 employees who have a range of roles such as software architect, software engineer, business analyst, project manager, and data scientist. He's been at IBM for over 18 years. Prior to that, he was a consultant for American Management Systems with projects in Boston, Virginia, and Vermont. Matt earned his undergraduate degree at UVM and later obtained an MBA at Bentley University.

  • Marc Bolh

    Founder, CEO from Ascendo Inc.

    Founder & CEO of VidaLingua, publisher of language apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Over 12 million people have downloaded Vidalingua apps.

    Founder & CEO of Ascendo, publisher of productivity apps. Ascendo's flagship product, DataVault, is a leading password manager for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

    Investor & Advisor to Majorwise and Renoun Ski.

    Prior to starting Ascendo, I worked as a sales director for Microsoft and Oracle.

    Produced videos to Close Vermont Yankee with Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry's), Alan Newman & Will Wrap, see https://www.youtube.com/user/CloseVermontYankee

  • Steven  Brooks

    Development Lead from Vermont Information Processing, Inc

  • Steve Casey

    Software Engineer from IBM

    Steve graduated form UVM in 2018 with a degree in computer science and is currently a full stack web developer working at IBM focusing on internal applications and visualizations.

  • Robert Clark

    Senior Developer from NextCapital

  • John Cohn

    IBM Fellow from IBM

    John Cohn is an IBM Fellow in IBM Corporate Technical Strategy. His current focus is on physical infrastructure for Smarter Cities, open data, machine to machine communications and real time data analytics.

  • Amy  Coutu

    VP of IT from Logic Supply

  • Bob Cunningham

    Director, US Defense Software Engineering from BAE Systems, Inc

  • Robert Erickson

    Sr Lecture from Univeristy Of Vermont

    Bob received the prestigious 2007 Kroepsch-Maurice Teaching Award, having joined the Computer Science faculty in 1991 after completing his Master of Science degree at Clarkson University.

    Bob focuses on a series of web technology courses that get students to think of the web not as a series of web pages, but rather as a user interface for computer programs. Students' projects range from blogs, hotel management and social networking sites to volunteer opportunities (having been a mentor for seven years, Bob likes to point students in this direction).

  • Ian  Foertsch

    Full Stack Web Developer from NextCapital

  • Michael Fritz

    IT Professional from UVM

  • Jared Fullerton

    Lead Front End Developer from Bluehouse Group

    Jared is constantly stalking the perfect user interface design. With his encyclopedic knowledge of standards and obsession with accessibility, he strives to enhance the user experience in everything he does. If you've ever wondered exactly what a degree in electronic media, art, and communications from RPI looks like in action, Jared can show you. A consummate problem-solver, he makes it possible to use the word elegant when describing HTML/CSS and Javascript. His work is informed by avid consumption of media and pop culture and an undying appetite for what's next in technology and the Web.

  • Zach Kingston

    Senior Software Engineer from MyWebGrocer

  • Rama Kocherlakota

    Lead Software Engineer from Dealer.com

    Rama's ben in the software industry for more than twenty-five years and has seen lots of fads come and go. He's been working at Dealer.com / Cox Auto fo the last seven years.

  • Ramy Koudsi

    Test Development Engineer from Global Foundries

  • Seth  Maciejowski

    Embedded Systems Engineer from AllEarth Renewables

    Seth Maciejowski completed the BS in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Vermont. He is an Embedded Systems Design Engineer working on firmware and hardware development for Renewable Energy Systems for AllEarth Renewables of Williston Vermont. In his spare time he enjoys climbing, biking and hiking with his kids.

  • Tylor Mayfield

    Systems Engineer from MyWebGrocer

  • James McCracken

    Software Engineer from BAE Systems, Inc

  • Chris  McGinty

    Development Lead from Vermont Information Processing, Inc

  • Stuart Meyer

    Partner from Fenwick & West LLP

    Stuart Meyer is co-Chair of Fenwick & West’s Patent Post-Grant Proceedings Practice. He counsels clients on intellectual property matters, including technology-based litigation, performing strategic intellectual property planning and intellectual property audits for technology companies, and securing patent, copyright and other intellectual property rights. He has extensive experience in patent reexaminations and other post-grant matters, and has written widely on the America Invents Act as well as the PTO’s final rules implementing the AIA.

  • Chris Morse

    Development Lead from Vermont Information Processing, Inc

  • Matthew Partridge

    Software Engineer from BAE Systems, Inc

  • Scott Pfeiffer

    Principal Engineer Process Engn from Global Foundries

  • Kyle Piontek

    Front End Developer from Bluehouse Group

    When not cooking up his amazing nachos, Kyle is dishing up a delicious user experience for the websites we develop. Joining Bluehouse Group in 2017 as a front end developer, his 14 years of experience reveal his chameleon-like abilities to jump in and work on just about any development task that needs doing.

    Some coders take part in scrums - an incremental software development process - while Kyle prefers the real deal as a player in the Mad River Rugby Club of Stowe. He’s developing their website, and you can be sure that no one’s feet will be left in the ruck! Aside from rugby and nachos, his top user experiences include hiking, camping, kayaking and hunting.

  • John Quinn

    Agency of Digital Services Secretary and State Chief Information Officer from State of Vermont - Agency of Digital Services

    Secretary Quinn was appointed by Governor Scott on April 24, 2017. John was selected to lead the newly formed Agency of Digital Services, created by Gov. Scott under Executive Order 06-17. Prior to his appointment as Secretary, John served as Gov. Scott’s Chief Innovation Officer. John has held a number of information technology positions with the State since 2001, specializing in IT planning, consolidation, project management, operations, and management. John received an Associate of Science from Champlain College and a Bachelor of Arts from Johnson State College. John is also a certified project manager with the Project Management Institute.

  • Scott Quisenberry

    Software and Application Engineer from Global Foundries

  • Greg  Roughton

    IT from Logic Supply

  • Daryl Stultz

    Principal Software Developer from OpenTempo

  • Collin Turner

    Software and Application Engineer from Global Foundries

  • Terry Ulmer

    Software Engineer from IBM

    Terry Ulmer is a Software Engineer at IBM, where Terry develops data analytics and analysis tools for IBM product engineers. During his years as IBM, Terry has been involved in a wide variety of hardware and software solutions, from semiconductors to systems to service. He's written a number of publications and holds a patent for evaluating service degradation risk.

  • Amanda Van Vranken

    Assistant Director for External Partnerships from UVM Career Center

    In July 2017, Amanda Van Vranken stepped into the Assistant Director of External Partnership role to further campus-wide efforts to empower students and alumni to identify and attain their career and life-long learning goals. With seven years of experience developing and facilitating systems to connect people with meaningful volunteer, intern and employment positions as well as fifteen years of leadership experience in the public and nonprofit sector, Amanda is exceptionally well-positioned to leverage her human resources and recruiting perspective to expand employer engagement on campus. Amanda is committed to cultivating productive partnerships, reducing barriers to participation, and creating inspiring career pathways for all students.

  • Jonathan Winer

    CTO from Vermont Systems Inc

    Jon brings over 20 years of leadership experience in the IT, Development and eCommerce industries. Jon is responsible for Development, Quality Assurance, Hosting, IT and Product Management in support of delivering VSI products and services.

  • Tobin Winters

    Director, IT Ops and Infrastructure from MyWebGrocer