UVM | December 4, 2020 | 1:10 PM to 4:20 PM CS Fair

A Showcase of Student Projects


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Voting Information

It is easy to vote for your favorite project.

  1. You can vote by clicking on the project you want to vote for below
  2. You must have a current UVM net id to vote online.
  3. Once on the voting page (you will need to log in with your UVM net id) you just click the "Vote For Me" button
  4. You are allowed to vote for as many projects as you like. (there is no ranking of 1st, 2nd or 3rd, its just vote for the ones you like best). You can only vote for a project once.
  5. Presenters are encouraged to vote as well, they just cannot vote for their own project.

Schedule for: 1:10 pm to 2:00 pm

VOTEPresentation Time (est)Project
Num - Name
StudentsTEAM Link
1:1040 - Racial Disparities in Police Killings by US State

A webtool that demonstrates the racial disparities...
Isaac Lee, Grace Bart, Phillip Nguyen, Yousef Khan Advanced App Projects
1:2025 - Space Truckin’

Mobile app game about exploring space, collecting...
Megan Doyle, Gavin O'Sullivan, Ben Temkin, Ethan Nerney, Nat Youngren Advanced App Projects
1:3010 - Twitter Food Trends

This project uses Twitter data (thank you story...
Alaina Carstensen, Jek Kuhn, Amanda Bertschinger Advanced Machine Learning Projects
1:4051 - Detecting saxophone in jazz ensemble context

Using support vector machines and convolutional...
Clayton Cafiero, Matthew Thompson, Brandon Gamble Advanced Machine Learning Projects
1:504 - Randomly-Generated 3D City

This project was coded in C++, using OpenGL/Glut....
Marcus Elia Advanced Projects
1:1036 - Wireless Data Acquisition System for Electric Race Car

A wireless data acquisition system used to monitor...
George Spearing, Joe Vassallo, Jonathan Saunders Research Projects
1:1020 - Computer Home

A free shopping website.
Kane Li, Chunyang Liu, Xun Zhang Intermediate Web Design
1:2016 - The Solecism: a satire website and blogging tool

A Reductress/Clickhole-inspired satire news site...
Brigitte Durieux Intermediate Web Design
1:302 - Doc

Doc is a site that allows users to login and...
Zach Rossi Intermediate Web Design
1:4015 - Website Themer (JavaScript Browser Extension)

A browser extension that allows for any website to...
Johnathan Urbani Intermediate Web Design
1:5023 - Watado!

This website will help users decide what to do!...
Cole Frost, Kiwan Lee Intermediate Web Design
1:1017 - Message Encryption Using Matrices and Inverses

Encrypting and decrypting inputted text using a...
Celia Liberman Beginner Programming
1:2049 - Stars Projection

The aim is to create a project that will input...
Clara Martorano, Cassie Spaulding Beginner Programming
1:107 - Artoflio

Artfolio is essentially a global portfolio for...
Will Suratt Beginner Web Design
1:2037 - BooQuotes

A website for poeple searching for new books based...
Nate Fogg Beginner Web Design
1:3011 - Sustainabeauty

Sustainabeauty is a website aimed to provide...
Maya Griffith Beginner Web Design
1:4045 - Paint & Sip Business website

A fictional website for a Paint and Sip style...
Katharine Moser, Logan White, Adalia Williams Beginner Web Design
1:5046 - Gym recorder

My website is to create and store a gym record...
Jay Hwasung Jung Beginner Web Design

Schedule for: 2:20 pm to 3:10 pm

VOTEPresentation Time (est)Project
Num - Name
StudentsTEAM Link
2:2042 - League Table Predictor

Using machine learning to predict the outcome of...
Nana Nimako, Andres Salcedo Advanced Machine Learning Projects
2:3041 - Predicting COVID: A County by County Analysis

This project is designed to collect data on known...
Luke Beatty, Oliver Groten, Prasidha Timsina Advanced Machine Learning Projects
2:4029 - ASL (American Sign Language) Teaching Software! Learn to Sign Digits and Letters.

Using the leap motion device to read your hand...
Robby Beattie Advanced Projects
2:2044 - Escape Room

We created an escape room using C++ graphics. To...
Shannon Lyons, Nadine Shunnar Intermediate Programming Projects
2:2033 - What's Cooking? A guide to home cooking.

This is a website where users can create an...
Anika Hamby Intermediate Web Design
2:3022 - Bobbies Hobbies

Beautiful retail website for a fictional online...
Stephen Carlson, Zach Kiefer Intermediate Web Design
2:4039 - Business Website

I've built a website for my dad's small...
Sarah McLaughlin Intermediate Web Design
2:5021 - Hit And Run

We will be presenting a racing-themed website that...
Jonathan Girdzis, Mario Vega, Matt Nguyen Intermediate Web Design
2:208 - Finding Profitable Trading Strategies with Python

For my CS021 final project, I chose to try and...
Will Suratt Beginner Programming
2:3055 - UVM Police incident report filter

Program that searches and filters the raw UVM...
Emily Mcnichols Beginner Programming
2:2031 - CS Fair Voting

This site functions as the voting system for CS...
Eli Smith Beginner Web Design
2:2018 - You Begin in a Tavern: A D&D Beginner's Crash Course

Hello, travelers! You Begin in a Tavern is an...
Allie O'Connor Beginner Web Design
2:3013 - Movie Theater Website

My project is my final project for CS 8: A website...
Melisa Uyar Beginner Web Design
2:5024 - Music Website

My project is a website with various music...
Calvin Dickinson Beginner Web Design
3:0052 - Real Estate Company Website

A website for ongoing real estate investment...
Aland Rinehart, Marley Beers Beginner Web Design

Schedule for: 3:30 pm to 4:20 pm

VOTEPresentation Time (est)Project
Num - Name
StudentsTEAM Link
3:2050 - Rotation Estimation with Neural Networks

We use machine learning to determine the angle at...
Marcus Elia, Sarah McLaughlin Advanced Machine Learning Projects
3:3026 - COVID-19 Identification and Prognosis though Deep Learning

By training a convolution neural network using a...
Ben Temkin, Gavin O'Sullivan Advanced Machine Learning Projects
3:4014 - (Will Change) X-ray Analysis

(Subject to Change) X-ray Analysis
Jek Kuhn, Alaina Carstensen Advanced Projects
3:5019 - 3D engine

3D Engine built in C++ using GLFW, GLEW, GLM...
Alex Silence Advanced Projects
4:003 - A novel spatiotemporal approach for constructing high resolution, daily climate products

High-resolution, bias-corrected historical and...
Maike Holthuijzen Research Projects
3:3028 - 4-Dimensional Rendering Engine Sandbox

For my CS 110 Intermediate Programming final...
Jackson Hall Intermediate Programming Projects
3:506 - Electric Car Systems

A model of an electric car systems (lights, horn,...
Justin Conklin Intermediate Programming Projects
4:0027 - Flashback

Flashback is a memory game in which a random...
Andrew Richter Intermediate Programming Projects
4:1053 - Wearable Glove Input/Remote Devices

Using a Raspberry Pi Zero and an array of sensors,...
Sean Sander Intermediate Programming Projects
3:3032 - League of Stats

This website is an informational/data...
Levi Putman, Matt Ennis Intermediate Web Design
3:409 - Simple systems

This is a website where I've collected some...
Lapo Frati, Csenge Petak Intermediate Web Design
3:5058 - Anmuso | Music, Anime, MusicSheet Shared Website

This is a sharing site that combines anime, music,...
Kamiku Xue, Zhaowen Chen Intermediate Web Design
3:3038 - Rock Paper Scissors

This code creates a pop up screen in which you can...
Devin Brown Beginner Programming
3:4043 - Casino Program in Python

This program, written in python, allows a number...
Kuochuan Ponzio Beginner Programming
3:5048 - gym recorder admin

This project is to manage database that has been...
Jay Hwasung Jung Beginner Programming
4:0035 - Dichotomous Key

Clara Martorano, Addie Weeks Beginner Programming
4:1012 - CS021 Final Project

Haven't started yet but excited to...
Nigel Wormser Beginner Programming
3:3056 - UVM Active Minds Website

This is a prototype website for the UVM Active...
Anthony Stem, Julia Bolton, Ruby Bryan Beginner Web Design
3:4057 - The Milk Fridge

The Milk Fridge is a website designed to help...
Sophie Spencer Beginner Web Design
3:5059 - Makaha Poke Bowls

A website for a fictional Poke Bowl restaurant...
Theresa Schafzahl Beginner Web Design
4:0034 - Photo Club website

A website for hosting photos taken by the Photo...
Jonah Cote, Murphy Peisel Beginner Web Design