December 9, 2022 | 1:10 PM to 4:20 PM

CS Fair

A Showcase of Student Projects


We would like to thank all of our judges who have donated their time and expertise to be with us at the 2022 CS Fair. Your help is greatly appreciated. Would you like to be a judge at this event? Just become a sponsor by filling out our sponsorship form to get started (it's a lot of fun).

Read about the judging experience by Isaiah Keepin

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How Judging Will Work

Judging Teams

This year each judge will be assigned to a team to judge a particular category. Each team of judges will be expected to look at all the projects for the category they have been assigned to picking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners for their category. Judging teams will be assigned at the judge's orientation on the day of the fair.

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ttttt from Hogey Tech Services


Bobby Erickson

Bobby Erickson

President from testing

the way that you wander is the way that you choose. the day that you tarry is the day that you lose

Robert Erickson

Robert Erickson

CEO from Erickson Consulting

Bob received the prestigious 2007 Kroepsch-Maurice Teaching Award, having joined the Computer Science faculty in 1991 after completing his Master of Science degree at Clarkson University.

Bob focuses on a series of web technology courses that get students to think of the web not as a series of web pages, but rather as a user interface for computer programs. Students' projects range from blogs, hotel management and social networking sites to volunteer opportunities (having been a mentor for seven years, Bob likes to point students in this direction).