2013 UVM CS Fair

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A Showcase of Student Projects

Best in Class Prize: CS 2xx/3xx


DEvoLisa by Thomas Little, Jonathan Carter

Best in Class Prize: CS 142/148


UVM Salsa and Swing Society Website by Eric Newbury

Best in Class Prize: CS 110


Soldiers of the Snow Prototype by Brandt Newton

Best in Class Prize: CS 21


Stock Market Simulation in Python by Ian Foertsch

Best in Class Prize: CS 20


Computational Counterpoint by Nicholas Rossi

Best in Class Prize: CS 8


Retro Gaming by Eric Mousin, Sara Birchard, Anel Korajkic

Best in Class Prize: Independent Project


Grammer Police By Connor Yamada

Best in Hour Prize: 12:50


Evolutionary Algorithms and Orbital Trajectory Problems by David Hinckley, Karol Zieba

Best in Hour Prize: 1:55


EZelectronics by Ivan Spizizen

Best in Hour Prize: 3:00


RinkNote by Joshua Dickerson, Anders Melen, Michael Toth, Benjamin Mosher, Guillaume Pepin

Random Hour Prize: 12:50


CS21 project by Kate Libby

Random Hour Prize: 1:55


Arbonne by Shelby Morris, Astrid Carter, Nicole Sala

Random Hour Prize: 3:00


Calvin Johnson Project by James Caswell

Door Prizes


Ticket# 460348

Ticket# 460353

Ticket# 460339

Many more Prizes!

T-shirts for every presenter, Best in class, Door and Raffle prizes for presenters and voters, Free refreshments.