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  • CS Fair 2014 Judges Award
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  • CS Fair 2014 Student Award
  • CS Fair 2014 Faculty Award

A Showcase of Student Projects

Davis Center

The CS Fair is a UVM event which provides Computer Science students the opportunity to display web, app, and other computer related projects for the chance to win up to $1000 in cash*. This year the CS Fair will be held in the Davis Center's Grand Maple Ballroom.

1st Place


Winner: Leap Motion Sign Language learning in the browser Nicholas Strayer

2nd Place


Winner: Classify Eric Newbury

3rd Place


Winner: Speech Therapy Project Michelle Marin, Nicholas Agel

Best in Class Prizes

Advanced Projects


Winner: ASL Learning Software Caitlyn Bishop

Intermediate Projects


Winner: Advanced Battery Management System Andrew Giroux

Intermediate Web Design


Winner: Buildr Brandt Newton

Beginner Web Design


Winner: Keepin' Busy in Burlington Joelle Dyer, Laura Taylor, Rehana Pothiawala

Beginner Programming


Winner: Music Recommendation Service Benjamin Carroll

Random Hour Prizes

12:50 PM


Winner: Choral Library Database Mandy Erdei

1:55 PM


Winner: LCYC Website Reconstruction Spencer Needham, Brian Boisjoli

3:00 PM


Winner: Dice Game Alexander Levin, Michael Kazour


Winners: Martin Chandler, Carlos Rodrigo Cordeiro, Will Robinson

Beagle Bone

Winners: 199 - Musical Stairs, Sadik Mussah, Jackson Fiore, Emile Rivat

*Prizes will be announced at the conclusion of the fair. Prize amounts are subject to change based on funding. Prizes may be awarded as cash or UVM gift card.



  1. Google Inc
  2. University of Vermont Computer Science Department
  3. HBO


  1. UTC Aerospace Systems
  2. State Street Corporation
  3. IEEE


  1. MyWebGrocer
  2. C2 - Competitive Computing
  3. Dealer.com
  4. Logic Supply
  5. Galen Healthcare Solutions
  6. Mach7 Tecnologies


  1. Manufacturing Information Systems Inc.
  2. Loud Canvas Media
  3. Burlington Bytes
  4. Xemory Software
  5. Brandthropology
  6. UVM Career Center
  7. Vermont Rapid Prototyping
  8. Bottomline Technologies
  9. Vermont Technology Alliance
  10. Renewable NRG Systems