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A Showcase of Student Projects

CS Fair 2016

The CS Fair is a UVM event which provides Computer Science students the opportunity to display web, app, and other computer related projects for the chance to win up to $300 in cash*. This year the CS Fair will be held December 9th in the Davis Center's Grand Maple Ballroom.

Total Projects: 171 Total Students: 286

Research Projects

1st Place

Emotional arc generator By: Andrew Reagan

Advanced Projects (33 projects, 72 students)

1st Place $300

IV Drug Compatibility Application for Veterinary Professionals By: Kelly Gray

2rd Place $200

Allergy Assistant App By: Madison Palmer, Scott Quisenberry, Andrew Green, Ben Stearman, James McCracken, Preston Libby

3rd Place $100

MHGen Calc By: C.j. Pecor, Matt Reimann, Aaron Longchamp, McKenna Todd, Cuong Lai, Nel Korajkic, Chris Sandvik

Intermediate Projects (42 projects, 61 students)

1st Place $300

Raycaster By: Jacob Wunder

2rd Place $200

Solar Sound By: Benjamin Jewkes

3rd Place $100

Self-Archiving Rights Checker for Faculty Publications By: Lynda Howell

Intermediate Web Design (38 projects, 67 students)

1st Place $300

Mowmo - Lawn Care Management By: Ryan Berliner

2rd Place $200

Personal Portfolio By: Nicholas Agel

3rd Place $100

Automated Stock Trading platform By: Tylor Mayfield

Beginner Programming (30 projects, 32 students)

1st Place $300

Cryptography Program that decrypts Caesar Cipher/Monoalphabetic substitution cipher By: Rohit Nawani, Ken Liu

2rd Place $200

Societal and Economic Implications of Globalization and Automation By: Clark Deng

3rd Place $100

Tobacco use in America By: Chris Aiello

Beginner Web Design (28 projects, 53 students)

1st Place $300

So Picture This... Photography By: Sean Miller

2rd Place $200

Silicon Surgeon By: Liam Beliveau, Phillip Nguyen

3rd Place $100

Creative Writing Portfolio Website (CS008 Final Project) By: Sarah Lewis

People's Choice Award

1st Place $300

Creative Writing By: Sarah Lewis

2nd Place $200

CCTV Mobile App By: Nicholas Agel, Jason Lau, Duncan Whitaker, Jason Hammel, Lily Nguyen

3rd Place $100

UVM Outing Club Trip Sign-Up and Management System By: Matt Baris, Brian Colombini

Random Hour Prizes

1:10 PM $50

CS 142 Design Concept By: John Burke

2:20 PM PM $50

10,000 words or less CS008 Final By: Kyle Mac

3:40 PM $50

Sustainable Energy By: Dominic Eneji

*Prizes will be announced at the conclusion of the fair. Prize amounts are subject to change based on funding. Prizes awarded as UVM gift card.


CS Fair 2015

We would like to thank all of our judges who have donated their time and expertise to be with us at the 2016 CS Fair. Your help is greatly appreciated. Would you like to be a judge at this event? Become a sponsor By: filling out our sponsorship form to get started (its a lot of fun).

How Judging Will Work

Judging Teams

This year each judge will be assigned to a team to judge a particular category. Each team of judges will be expected to look at all the projects for the category they have been assigned to picking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners for their category. Judging teams will be assigned at the judge's orientation on the day of the fair.

Random Hourly

Prizes are picked each hour via a PHP page that uses MySQL ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1. A winner will be selected for each hour block which includes 1:10 pm to 2:00 pm, 2:20 pm to 3:10 pm, 3:30 pm to 4:20 pm. You must be present to claim your prize.
  • Joel Bartley

    Software Engineer from IBM

    Joel Bartley is a Software Engineer at IBM in Burlington, VT with 20 years of experience with Databases, Java and Web Development. He's followed the development of multiple programming languages over time and his current interests are focused on parallel programming.

  • John Cohn

    IBM Fellow from

    John Cohn is an IBM Fellow in IBM Corporate Technical Strategy. His current focus is on physical infrastructure for Smarter Cities, open data, machine to machine communications and real time data analytics.

  • Michael Commo

    Senior Software Engineer from Galen Healthcare Solutions

  • Julie Daly

    Implementation Consultant from Fast Enterprises, LLC

  • Peter Deering

    Vice President, Application Architecture Team, State Street Corporation from State Street Corporation

    During his 25 years at State Street, Peter has managed a number of large application development teams that has supported a variety of business areas. His teams have designed, developed, and implemented large-scale accounting and custody applications that supported institutional clients and global investment managers. Peter is currently leading development of a large scale, cloud based application that is a key component in State Street’s digitization strategy. He holds a BA from ColBy: College and an MBA specializing in Management Information Systems from Suffolk University.

  • Josh Dickerson

    Senior Developer Advertising - Real-Time Bidding from Dealer.com

  • Jim Eddy

    Chief Technology Officer from Vermont HITEC

    Jim Eddy joined Vermont HITEC in 2005 and holds the position of Chief Technology Officer. Jim obtained his B.A. in Physics and Applied Mathematics from the University of Vermont, and holds a M.S. in Information Systems from Northwestern University. Jim has worked with numerous organizations on consulting projects, strategic direction, process improvement and workforce development solutions over the past twelve years. Jim also teaches several courses as a part-time faculty member in the UVM Department of Computer Science.

  • Ian  Foertsch

    Software Engineer from NextCapital Group

  • Ben Glassman

    CTO from Vermont Design Works

    Ben began working with web technology since he first acquired a dial-up Internet connection. His professional career started as a freelance web developer and graphic designer in southern Massachusetts. He moved to Vermont in 2001 to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design from Champlain College. After graduating in 2005, Ben joined the VDW team, bringing his experience in web development and a passion for building accessible, standards compliant web sites. He is a versatile polyglot programmer and full-stack web developer, combining expertise in front-end JavaScript development with experience in server side technologies using PHP and MySQL. Ben serves as technical lead for VDW's most complicated projects, working with clients to help translate their needs into a deliverable solution. He works closely with our design team to prototype functionality and converts visual details into working websites.

  • Tabare Gowon

    Java Developer from Dealer.com

  • Steven Jenkins

    VP North America from QA Consulting

  • Isaiah Keepin

    Senior Developer from Bluehouse Group

    Equal parts storyteller, architect, and entrepreneur, Isaiah is passionate about the vast range of expression and connection that the web makes possible. Ever since the 1980’s, when he wrote his first computer game on a Commodore 64, he has loved exploring the intersection of human stories and systems of information. These days, he works mainly in JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, but you never know where you’ll find him next. When he’s not weaving code, he loves exploring the woods of Vermont, reading the latest Haruki Murakami novel, and homeschooling his five kids.

  • Sean Kio

    Burlington Telecom Graphic Designer and Webmaster from Burlington Telecom

    Sean Kio is Operations Director for Kio Creative and Burlington Telecom's Graphic Designer & Webmaster. He has worked in the industry of web development and graphic design for more than 5 years.

  • Rama Kocherlakota

    Senior Java Developer from Dealer.com

  • Luc Martin

    Business Development from NuHarbor Security

  • Tony Matero

    Technical Writer from MyWebGrocer

    Tony spends his time making complex information easier to understand. He’s currently a technical writer at MyWebGrocer based in Winooski, VT, a leading ecommerce company that manages digital solutions for many retailers across the globe. Before devoting his time to technical writing, Tony dedicated years helping customers and coworkers use and repair biotechnology equipment. Through his experience, he has developed an ability to understand customers and quickly meet their needs. Tony loves to travel with his wife and daughter, recently visiting Kuala Lumpur, Copenhagen, Seattle, and Alaska. His favorite places include San Francisco, New Zealand, and Burlington, VT.

  • Everett McKay

    Principal from UX Design Edge

    Everett McKay is Principal of UX Design Edge, a user experience design training and consulting company for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Everett's specialty is UX design training for software professionals who aren't experienced designers through onsite and virtual courses and workshops. He has delivered UX design workshops to an international audience that includes Europe (UK, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Turkey), Asia (India, China), South America (Argentina), and Africa (South Africa, Cameroon).

  • Brendan McOmber

    Implementation Consultant from Fast Enterprises, LLC

  • Anders Melen

    Mobile Software Engineer from Green Mountain Software Corporation

    Anders was born and raised in Vermont. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He specializes in mobile app development for iOS. In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding, cars, motorcycles and whatever this month’s hobBy: is.

  • John  Need

    Senior Software Engineer from Galen Healthcare Solutions

  • Eric Newbury

    Java Programmer from Dealer.com

  • Melissa Odom

    Software Manager from BAE Systems

    Melissa woks in the Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Solutions Business Area at BAE systems as the software manager for the SOCOM Programs. She is also the software college and intern hiring manager for all of southern New Hampshire. Melissa holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Mary Washington.

  • Jeremy Patrie

    Burlington Telecom Sr Division Manager of Network Operations Engineering and Service Support from Burlington Telecom

    Jeremy Patrie is Burlington Telecom's Senior Division Manager of Network Operations, Engineering and Service Support and has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 14 years.

  • Lauren  Petrie

    Coordinator, CEMS Career Readiness Program from CEMS Career Readiness Program

  • Scott Pfeiffer

    Principal Process Engineer from GLOBALFOUNDRIES

    Graduate of Penn State 2012
    Worked at IBM from 2012 to 2015
    Worked at Globalfoundries from 2015 to current

  • Zac Porter

    Resource Operations Manager from QA Consulting

  • Anders Reinertsen

    Vice President, Strategic Integration, Technology from State Street Corporation

    As part of the Strategic Integration team, he is currently focusing on ensuring our enterprise software development portfolio achieves the intended business outcomes and aligns to our end state technology vision. He works with the agile delivery teams to ensure they deliver reusable components and understand the end to end impact of their software. We partner with business leads to create new initiatives based on what is possible instead of what exists today. Anders also leads the application rationalization program across the enterprise.

  • Samuel Reinhardt

    Commodore of Interactive Development from Brandthropology

  • Jon Ricketson

    Senior Vice President from State Street Corporation

    Jon Ricketson is a Senior Vice President within the ADM organization at State Street. He has responsibility for all software development and application support activities for State Street’s Accounting, Custody, Cash and Reconciliations platforms. Jon is also application development Delivery Manager within the State Street Beacon program.

    Jon joined State Street in 1987 as a Systems Officer in Information Technology and has managed several large mainframe and open systems development efforts. From 1999 to 2005, Jon was head of Management Information Services, where he had responsibility for State Street's Corporate software applications including all financial systems, human resources management, compensation and payroll systems, marketing and sales support, information security administration, strategic sourcing, risk management and legal. From 1996 until 1999, Jon was the Director of European Technology in London where he was responsible for planning, coordinating and executing the rollout of core software applications as well as implementing a number of European client-specific initiatives.

    Prior to joining State Street, Jon was a Senior Consultant with Computer Partners. Jon holds a BS in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA summa cum laude in Management Science from the University of Rhode Island.

  • Greg  Roughton

    Software Developer from Logic Supply

    Greg is a Software Engineer working on web development at Logic Supply. His development practices rely heavily on internal and external stakeholder/customer feedback. Outside of work he's an avid woodworker and home renovator. His current big project is rejuvenating our 1850s era house while maintaining it's hard earned quirks.

  • Kyle Sarrazin

    Senior Software Engineer from IBM

    Kyle Sarrazin is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM's Systems Division in Burlington, VT. His current focus is on enabling data analytics across IBM Systems' product suite.

  • Ian Scott

    Senior Software Engineer from C2

    Ian Scott is a Senior Software Engineer with C2. He provides custom web-based solutions to C2’s local and national clients. Ian brings over 16 years of software development expertise working for companies such as Sony, Stonehouse Media and Comcast.

  • Bennett Siegel

    Software Engineer from Green Mountain Software Corporation

    Bennett is a Michigan native who’s called Vermont home since 2010. After graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in computer science, he started working as a software engineer for Green Mountain Software. His specialties include data collection, processing and web services. In his free time, he enjoys skiing and cooking barbecue.

  • Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin

    Teacher and System Administrator from

    Guillaume is the system administrator and teaches programming at The Putney School. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 2015 with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Music Performance. He has worked for many years as a freelance web developer. Guillaume participated in the CS Fair as an undergraduate and judged the 2015 CS fair.

  • Danielle Steimke

    UI Developer from Dealer.com

  • Michael Tamlyn

    Principal Software Architect from Galen Healthcare Solutions

  • Katie Taylor

    Director of Workforce Development and Entrepreneurship from HackVT

    Katie runs the entrepreneurial and young professional programs at the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, including LaunchVT, HackVT, and Burlington Young Professionals. Prior to joining the Chamber, Katie worked as an environmental attorney, most recently with the Compliance & Enforcement Division of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. Katie also worked at Crowell & Moring in Washington, D.C. Katie received her Juris Doctor from the George Washington University Law School, a Masters of Fine Arts in theatre from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA.

  • Terry Ulmer

    Software Engineer from IBM

    Terry Ulmer is UVM alumnus and a Software Engineer at IBM in Burlington, VT. He is currently focused on providing advanced analytics and reporting to IBM server and storage development teams.

  • Colin Urban

    Web Developer from Bluehouse Group

    If the future of our species lies in the creative harmony of wilderness and technology, then Colin is a man from the future, crafting cutting-edge code while homesteading off the grid among the foothills of Camel's Hump. He is passionate about building or fixing anything, bringing an eye for beauty and utility whether it's a PHP function, a tele-presence robot, or the latest improvement on the yurt he lives in with his wife, dogs and cat.

    Colin has been programming in one form or another for a decade and a half, and loves to keep abreast with the latest ideas in the field. Along with coding, Colin's interests include news and current events, underground hip hop and spending time in nature.

  • Neil Wacek

    Online Communication and Agency Interface Specialist from Union Mutual

  • Matt Ward

    CTO from Green Mountain Software Corporation

    Matt Ward is the CTO of Green Mountain Software. During his time at Vermont Technical College in the Software Engineering program, he was the president of the hockey club, named Technician of the Year, and served as a key researcher/developer for the first-ever CubeSat program using SPARK and Ada programming.

  • Christie Woodward

    Lead Full Stack Developer from NextCapital Group


CS Fair 2015

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  6. Galen Healthcare Solutions
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