Go to this year's CS Fair

December 9, 2022 | 1:10 PM to 4:20 PM


A Showcase of Student Projects

The CS Fair is a UVM event which provides Computer Science students the opportunity to display web, app, and other computer related projects for the chance to win up to $300 in UVM gift cards. This year the CS Fair will be held December 9th in the Davis Center's Grand Maple Ballroom.

Grand Maple Ballrooom - Davis Center

Total Projects: 121 Total Students: 198

Advanced App Projects (CS 2xx/3xx level) (4 projects, 11 students)

1st Place $300 (300)

UVMap by Ty Allembert, Tate Osborne, Emmett Ramm, Nate Lalor, Jack McGowan

2rd Place $200 (200)

Wii Tanks! by Levi Putman, Cael Christian, Olivia Wilson

3rd Place $100 (100)

Healthcare Alert System (UI) by Marit Lebakken, Marit Scott

Advanced Machine Learning Projects (CS 2xx/3xx level) (8 projects, 27 students)

1st Place $300 (300)

Hands Free Safe Driving by Shawn Rodgers, David Smith, Dmytro Khursenko, Harrison Thompson

2rd Place $200 (200)

Crossword Complexity Classifier by Noah Beckage, Anna Jane Brown, Spencer Brouhard, Dakota Allen

3rd Place $100 (100)

Machine Learning-based Electrophysiology Signal (ECG, EEG, EMG) Classification by Sebastian Duno,  , Nick Roy

Advanced Projects (CS 2xx/3xx level) (7 projects, 13 students)

1st Place $300 (300)

Multiplayer Battleship by Eli Smith, Ben Carriveau, Sam Langdon, Scott Vincent

2rd Place $200 (200)

Language Learning Music Finder by Alyn Kirsch, Maya Griffith, Drew Jepsen

3rd Place $100 (100)

Redesigning Amazon for Senior by Yiyu Chen, Kan Pooprasert

Research Projects (independent research projects e.g. part of thesis or dissertation) (4 projects, 5 students)

1st Place $300 (150)

The ChAMP App: A Scalable mHealth Technology for Detecting Digital Phenotypes of Childhood Anxiety and Depression by Bryn Loftness

2rd Place $200 (100)

Evolving Facility Placements and Robustness to Catastrophes by Alex Friedrichsen, William Thompson

3rd Place $100 (50)

ChemHopper: A Gradient Descent Inspired Approach to Ligand Optimization by Noah Beckage

Intermediate Programming Projects (CS 121 and 1xx level) (33 projects, 61 students)

1st Place $300 (300)

Chord Based Musical Instrument by Lee Lazarev

2rd Place $200 (200)

blackjack by Cierra Church, Wyatt Chrisman, Arjun Nair, Will Castner

3rd Place $100 (100)

Operation Green Thumb by Nick Altland, Chloe Hoff

Intermediate Web Design (CS 142 or 148 level) (8 projects, 8 students)

1st Place $300 (240)

Powerlifting Coaching Application by Jordan Bourdeau

2rd Place $200 (160)

Governed by Tomek Botwicz

3rd Place $100 (80)

What's the Data? by Josh Baker

Beginner Programming (CS 21 level) (42 projects, 53 students)

1st Place $300 (300)

Python chess engine by Elias Malloy

2rd Place $200 (200)

OptiWynnCrafter by Ben Rogers, Matt Rogers, Johannes Everse

3rd Place $100 (100)

Gravitational Asteroids by James Bouchat

Beginner Web Design (CS 8 level) (15 projects, 18 students)

1st Place $300 (300)

Alex Schaefer's Calculators by Alex Schaefer

2rd Place $200 (200)

Interactive Resume by April Gershman

3rd Place $100 (100)

Science enters the Salon at Nails by Julie by Julie Sharon

People's Choice Award

1st Place $300 (300)

Wordle by Mae Davis, Kyra Lee

2rd Place $200 (200)

Battleship by Audrey Tucker

3rd Place $100 (100)

Pip Boy - Fallout by Cooper Sullivan, Alison Gilpatrick, Mish Wilson, Kam Jablonowski

*Prizes will be announced at the conclusion of the fair. Prize amounts are subject to change based on funding. Your gift card will be emailed to you from the UVM Bookstore.


  1. All Participants must have been enrolled in a Computer Science course at UVM or be an active CS or Data Science, Major or Minor during the 2022 calendar year (Jan to Dec).
  2. All Participants must be currently enrolled as a UVM student in the semester the CS Fair is being held.
  3. Projects
    • Group or individual projects are allowed.
    • Course projects are allowed (the more unique they are from your classmates' the higher your chances of getting in and winning).
    • Non course projects are highly encouraged (i.e., something you did on your own).
    • You may enter more than one project but you cannot present more than one project in a time slot. It is your responsibility to confirm you have not been assigned to present more than one project at a time.
    • Registration does not guarantee your project will be accepted.
  4. Code should be original or clearly documented if code is not yours.
  5. All entries must be present at their booth. We will provide space on a table, but you need to provide a laptop (with a good battery, power should be available) and/or other display (e.g., poster).
  6. You are eligible to win only one competitive prize, you may forfeit a lower prize.
  7. Prize amounts may be reduced when there are less than 10 projects in a category as shown in () next to the prize amount.
  8. Electronic Gift cards will be be emailed to you the week after the CS Fair. If you do not recieve yours notify the CS department within 2 weeks or forfeit your prize.
  9. UVM monetary prize policy.
  10. All entries allow us to use photos and videos for promotional material.
  11. All entries must be received by November 14, 2022 in order to receive a t-shirt. T-Shirts not picked up by December 5, 2022 are forfeited to a first come first serve.
  12. Violation of the rules will result in disqualification.
  13. Rules are subject to change