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December 9, 2022 | 1:10 PM to 4:20 PM


A Showcase of Student Projects


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How Judging Will Work

Judging Teams

This year each judge will be assigned to a team to judge a particular category. Each team of judges will be expected to look at all the projects for the category they have been assigned to picking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners for their category. Judging teams will be assigned at the judge's orientation on the day of the fair.

Jacob Bennett

Jacob Bennett

Software Developer from OnLogic

Jacob Bennett is a Software Engineer, Web Applications Developer at OnLogic - an industrial PC manufacturer in South Burlington. Jacob comes from a background of full stack .NET Development. Currently working with Typescript NodeJS and NextJS microservice ecommerce applications, he is skilled in the use of C#, Typescript/JavaScript, and SQL. He loves to work with, and mentor, new developers, is passionate about Agile/Scrum, and holds certifications in Web Development (from Mountainland Technical College in Lehi Utah) and as a Scrum Mater (from the Scrum Alliance organization)

Austin Block

Austin Block

Team member from Beta Technologies

Austin Block is an IT team member at Beta Technologies, a Burlington-based aerospace company developing electric aircraft and supporting charging infrastructure to enable greener, safer, and more efficient transportation. An experienced systems administrator with experience in web design, Austin also has a background in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript. He Graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.S. in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics.

Ann Chiarenzelli

Ann Chiarenzelli

CEMS Academic Advisor from CEMS Student Services

Sam Clark

Sam Clark

SDE from goatgoose.com

Developer of goatgoose.com. Former CS 121 TA. SDE at AWS Cryptography working on Amazon's open-source TLS implementation, s2n-tls.

Mike Coughlin

Mike Coughlin

Senior Web Development Consultant from Self Employed

A Senior Web Development Consultant with demonstrated history of working in the market research and higher education industries. Designed, developed, and deployed a custom web application for a Global market research firm with a tech enabled service. Skilled in Javascript, PHP, Python, SQL, and Leadership. Innovative professional with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Grossman Business School at the University of Vermont.

Scotti Day

Scotti Day

Software Engineer from Cox Automotive

UVM grad currently working at Cox Automotive as a software engineer

Christian Deluca

Christian Deluca

Software Engineer from Vermont Information Processing

Matthew Dioguardi

Matthew Dioguardi

Software Engineer from Rigorous Technology

Robert Erickson

Robert Erickson

CEO from Erickson Consulting

Bob received the prestigious 2007 Kroepsch-Maurice Teaching Award, having joined the Computer Science faculty in 1991 after completing his Master of Science degree at Clarkson University.

Bob focuses on a series of web technology courses that get students to think of the web not as a series of web pages, but rather as a user interface for computer programs. Students' projects range from blogs, hotel management and social networking sites to volunteer opportunities (having been a mentor for seven years, Bob likes to point students in this direction).

Matthew Garaffa

Matthew Garaffa

Software Engineer from Agilent Technologies, Inc

Shauna Kimura

Shauna Kimura

Mobile Developer from Square

2022 UVM graduate working as an Android mobile developer at Square.

Dana Mitchell

Dana Mitchell

CEMS Academic Advisor from CEMS Student Services

John Morris

John Morris

Factory Application Engineer from Teradyne

John is a Senior Factory Applications Engineer for Teradyne's Semiconductor Test Division working in their office in Essex Junction. He is currently focused on System-On-A-Chip device testing and new Design-For-Test methodologies. If you have a cell phone then there is a good chance John has helped in the development of test programs for some of the chips in that phone. He has previously worked in other areas of Teradyne including System Engineering, ASIC Characterization, and Field Applications and has worked with technologies from DC to mm-wave. Prior to joining Teradyne John worked for Texas Instruments on design and test of automotive microcontrollers. He holds 4 US patents.

Kenny Pastore

Kenny Pastore

Software Engineer from Vermont Information Processing

Carl Peach

Carl Peach

Applications Engineer from Teradyne

Semiconductor manufacturing and test applications, from microwave to mixed signal to DSP analysis to large scale digital. Over 35 years held a variety of positions from factory to management to field in both pre-sales and post-sales activities.

Charlie Piazza

Charlie Piazza

Problem Solver. Educator. from n/a

With an education in Engineering and Physics, 15 years of experience in high-tech, and an unrelenting passion for solving unsolvable problems, Charlie loves connecting the technical and the creative worlds. The variety of his interests and experiences are the bedrock for synthesizing cross-disciplined solutions.

Jonah Rubin

Jonah Rubin

Software Engineer from

UVM grad working at Wing, a drone company that graduated from the moonshot factory in 2018, with a focus on mapping and autonomy for avionics.

Bryan Serinese

Bryan Serinese

Software Project Manager from Agilent, formerly BioTek

Josh White

Josh White

Hardware Automation Developer from OnLogic

Josh White is a Hardware Automation Developer at Onlogic - an industrial PC manufacturer in South Burlington. Josh is a recent graduate with a demonstrated history of cross-disciplinary development/maintenance of hardware and software in academic labs as well as various industrial applications of computing. He has participated in a plethora of diverse projects including his work on full-sized vehicle simulators, VR applications, and an open-world photography game built in Unity. Primarily skilled with C#, Python, C/C++, SQL, JS, and technical documentation. Creative professional with a B.S. in Computer Science Engineering from Ohio State University.