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December 9, 2022 | 1:10 PM to 4:20 PM


A Showcase of Student Projects


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Schedule for: 1:10 pm to 2:00 pm

Table NumberProject NameStudentsCategory
  2229 - Carolines Project Caroline Farnan Beginner Programming
  3230 - 2048 Liam Roache, Logan Skinner Beginner Programming
  6242 - Study Buddy Sophia Mazzone, Elise Hellmann Beginner Programming
  7269 - Lock, Key & Salt Alyssa Maguire Intermediate Programming Projects
  8261 - Language Learning Music Finder Alyn Kirsch, Maya Griffith, Drew Jepsen Advanced Projects
  9236 - Quiz for the Northeastern States and Capitals Nick Matteis, Emmet Kimberly Beginner Programming
  10155 - Raindrop game Alyssa Maguire Intermediate Programming Projects
  10241 - Coming Soon... Ellie Lieberman Beginner Programming
  13240 - CS--Star Isabelle Smith Beginner Programming
  14233 - Typing Test Shea Mcgregor, Christopher Tang, Owen Cook Beginner Programming
  14275 - Governed Tomek Botwicz Intermediate Web Design
  15265 - Block Builder Sean Cunneen Intermediate Programming Projects
  15256 - Travel the World with Abigail and Olivia Olivia Ward Beginner Web Design
  16156 - Autonomous Flying Machine Maxwell Hughes Intermediate Programming Projects
  17247 - A Trip to Portugal Ben Reinwald Beginner Web Design
  18234 - Connect_4.py Niels Keller, Evan Clements Beginner Programming
  19231 - Wordle Mae Davis, Kyra Lee Beginner Programming
  22249 - Raspberry Pi TV Molly Pate Intermediate Programming Projects
  24237 - Interactive Tasting Menu Quinn Davignon Beginner Programming
  26235 - Wordle David Mclone Beginner Programming
  26270 - Hands Up Dan Scheuermann Intermediate Programming Projects
  27232 - THIS IS....TRIVIA Abigail Wright Beginner Programming
  30243 - Project Bo Pike Beginner Programming
  31267 - QuickerBooks Financial Assistant Davor Vukoja Intermediate Programming Projects
  32238 - Grow a Tulip Simulation Laila-Mari Leo, Kaley Pham Beginner Programming

Schedule for: 2:20 pm to 3:10 pm

Table NumberProject NameStudentsCategory
  2205 - Personal Portfolio of Owen Stark Owen Stark Beginner Web Design
  3193 - Cooking as medicine Irene Diaz Intermediate Web Design
  4213 - Python Drawing Program Owen Milke Beginner Programming
  4281 - Minesweeper with JavaFX Holden Stephenson Intermediate Programming Projects
  5179 - Science enters the Salon at Nails by Julie Julie Sharon Beginner Web Design
  5173 - Solitaire Card Game Evan Mead Beginner Programming
  6194 - Travel to Trek Corinna Kelly Beginner Web Design
  6228 - Python chess engine Elias Malloy Beginner Programming
  7244 - My Media Pal Anja Samsom, Makayla Alber Intermediate Programming Projects
  7206 - Go Fish Card Game Ashley Kulcsar Beginner Programming
  8278 - Speed Typer Dominic Gasperini Advanced Projects
  8226 - Alex Schaefer's Calculators Alex Schaefer Beginner Web Design
  9257 - Wii Tanks! Levi Putman, Cael Christian, Olivia Wilson Advanced App Projects
  11227 - Multiplayer Battleship Eli Smith, Ben Carriveau, Sam Langdon, Scott Vincent Advanced Projects
  12268 - Blindsight Alyssa Maguire, Katie Lemons, Kevin Encarnacao Intermediate Programming Projects
  13160 - Healthcare Alert System (UI) Marit Lebakken, Marit Scott Advanced App Projects
  14181 - Hydroponic Growing System Sam Will, Theodore Ruth Intermediate Programming Projects
  15196 - AI Spotify Playlist Recommender Anika Hamby, Devin Brown, Alex Friedrichsen, Sam Gusick Advanced Machine Learning Projects
  16189 - n/a Peninnah Ragasa Beginner Web Design
  16212 - Gravitational Asteroids James Bouchat Beginner Programming
  17217 - The Olympics Quiz Beginner Programming
  17218 - The Olympics Quiz Beginner Programming
  18210 - Term-guesser Matt Baldwin Beginner Programming
  19280 - Coolest Clock (Minecraft clock) Jenni Hill, Cole O'Shaughnessy Intermediate Programming Projects
  19185 - Wireless Stress Detecting Armband Kylie Scarpellino, Davor Vukoja Advanced Machine Learning Projects
  20184 - Modeling the Spread of Disease Nate Mierzejewski Beginner Programming
  21207 - IASIP Fan Base Project Grace Kinney Beginner Web Design
  21245 - Minesweeper Ty Bears, Noah Domingue Beginner Programming
  22255 - Escape to Beaver Cove Caroline Brown, Andrew Gould Beginner Programming
  23182 - Soundbord Using a Raspberry Pi Casey Forey, Kyrill Serdyuk Intermediate Programming Projects
  24222 - Self-Driving Robot Spencer Karofsky, Sydney White, Michael Piscione Intermediate Programming Projects
  25188 - Sumo Simulator Game Isabella Persky Beginner Programming
  25209 - Battleship Ryan Brim Beginner Programming
  26177 - Slimepedia Aidan Bonner Intermediate Programming Projects
  27277 - blackjack Cierra Church, Wyatt Chrisman, Arjun Nair, Will Castner Intermediate Programming Projects
  28263 - Spotify Playlist Generator Steven Baldasty, Emmett Ramm, Luke Brown, Protiva Sen Advanced Machine Learning Projects
  29157 - Google Nutrition Jared Discipio Advanced Projects
  29220 - Interactive Resume April Gershman Beginner Web Design
  30279 - What's the Data? Josh Baker Intermediate Web Design
  30192 - Quantum Computer Alyn Kirsch Intermediate Programming Projects
  31165 - BD-1 A Star Wars Droid Brent Chandler Intermediate Programming Projects
  31214 - Graphic Design Portfolio Website Kevin Pomroy Intermediate Web Design
  32195 - Deal or No Deal Luke Pulaski Beginner Programming
  32178 - Closet App Adalia Williams Intermediate Web Design
  33224 - OptiWynnCrafter Ben Rogers, Matt Rogers, Johannes Everse Beginner Programming
  34158 - Global Melt Database: Website for Comparing Rates of Glacier Decline, Sea Level Decline, and Temperature Incline Samuel Clear Intermediate Programming Projects
  35264 - Crossword Complexity Classifier Noah Beckage, Anna Jane Brown, Spencer Brouhard, Dakota Allen Advanced Machine Learning Projects
  37183 - Operation Green Thumb Nick Altland, Chloe Hoff Intermediate Programming Projects

Schedule for: 3:30 pm to 4:20 pm

Table NumberProject NameStudentsCategory
  2171 - Board Game Information and Survey Grace Kinney Beginner Web Design
  2170 - Kickass Speed Typing Test Grace Kinney Beginner Programming
  3219 - Chord Based Musical Instrument Lee Lazarev Intermediate Programming Projects
  4175 - Personal Safety System Anthony Mazzola, Ruby O'Lynnger, Koa Ritz, Ethan Perry Intermediate Programming Projects
  5262 - Evolving Programmable Computational Metamaterials Atoosa Parsa Research Projects
  5161 - Faux Frost Jack D'Iorio Beginner Programming
  6225 - Plantopedia 1000 Selective Service System Liv Welford Advanced Projects
  6211 - Photography Website Ryan Brim Beginner Web Design
  7169 - UVMap Ty Allembert, Tate Osborne, Emmett Ramm, Nate Lalor, Jack McGowan Advanced App Projects
  8163 - Raspberry Pi Car Computer Andrew Subach, John Driscoll Intermediate Programming Projects
  9187 - Wikipedia Rabbit Hole Maya Kurschner, Alden Hinkel Beginner Programming
  10186 - WAR   Beginner Programming
  10190 - All-In-One Playstation 1 Emulator on Raspberry Pi 4 Wade Bradford, Harry Sharman Intermediate Programming Projects
  11254 - Lockbox Dominic Gasperini Advanced Projects
  12199 - Redesigning Amazon for Senior Yiyu Chen, Kan Pooprasert Advanced Projects
  13266 - SPOT (Supportive Psychologically-Operational Technology) Onyx Eatchel, Rachel Rose, Catherine Jones, Skye Smith Intermediate Programming Projects
  14162 - Texas Hold 'Em Elijah Clarke Beginner Programming
  14215 - Grandma's Recipe App! Levi Putman Advanced App Projects
  15276 - Euchre Ben Rogers, Matt Rogers Beginner Web Design
  15200 - War in Python Surya Malik Beginner Programming
  16259 - Hungry Notebook Ken Liu Intermediate Web Design
  16168 - Powerlifting Coaching Application Jordan Bourdeau Intermediate Web Design
  17223 - Mic Light Riley Hammond, Lily Bonds Intermediate Programming Projects
  18197 - ChemHopper: A Gradient Descent Inspired Approach to Ligand Optimization Noah Beckage Research Projects
  18260 - Raspberry Pi alarm clock Brendan Mcaleer Intermediate Programming Projects
  19154 - Project Miata Site Dakota Smith, Kat Hughes Beginner Web Design
  20159 - Evolving Facility Placements and Robustness to Catastrophes Alex Friedrichsen, William Thompson Research Projects
  21198 - CS Course Registration Simulation Ava Trueworthy Beginner Programming
  22191 - Battleship Audrey Tucker Beginner Programming
  23251 - Machine Learning-based Electrophysiology Signal (ECG, EEG, EMG) Classification Sebastian Duno,  , Nick Roy Advanced Machine Learning Projects
  23202 - The Space Traveler Zoe Bell Beginner Programming
  24176 - PyCrawler Henry Cussatt Beginner Programming
  24201 - The ChAMP App: A Scalable mHealth Technology for Detecting Digital Phenotypes of Childhood Anxiety and Depression Bryn Loftness Research Projects
  25221 - Micromouse Matt Rieger Intermediate Programming Projects
  26239 - Magic Quiz Machine Jacob Namath, Nate Seibold Beginner Programming
  27216 - Personal Portfolio for CS Projects Ashton Putnam Beginner Web Design
  28204 - ATP Synthesis Modeling Jennifer Alaska Beginner Programming
  28253 - NYT Spelling Bee Simulation Victoria Lendino Intermediate Programming Projects
  29167 - Abbey Knobel Raspberry Pi Car Abbey Knobel Intermediate Programming Projects
  29258 - Balancing Chemical Equations Alexa Witkin, Lauren Wagner Beginner Web Design
  30274 - Hands Free Safe Driving Shawn Rodgers, David Smith, Dmytro Khursenko, Harrison Thompson Advanced Machine Learning Projects
  31172 - Art Portfolio India Davis Intermediate Web Design
  31208 - Modelling predator-prey encounters in Python Emma Frederick Beginner Programming
  32252 - Facial Recognition for Minecraft Server Protection Catie Crowell, Katie Delaney, Alexa Kaplan Intermediate Programming Projects
  33203 - Neural Network Fruit Image Classification Kaya Daylor, Nate Fogg, Gian Cercena, Anika Miner Advanced Machine Learning Projects
  34174 - Pip Boy - Fallout Cooper Sullivan, Alison Gilpatrick, Mish Wilson, Kam Jablonowski Intermediate Programming Projects
  35166 - Hologram Machine Jack Klug, Anna Dysinger, Miro Gohacki Intermediate Programming Projects
  37248 - Classification of spam youtube comments Kevin Cuellar, Muhammad Junaid Khan, Ted Hadley Advanced Machine Learning Projects